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What is Veil?

Veil has been shut down as of July 24, 2019. Veil Market leveraged the Augur, 0x, and Ethereum protocols to provide a peer-to-peer trading platform for prediction markets and derivatives. Recognizing the massive potential of the Augur protocol, Veil built a platform on top of Augur that is optimized for user experience. Veil sped things up with off-chain order creation and cancellation using 0x. Also, Veil offered optional instant settlement: for a 1% fee, users could sell shares as soon as a market expired instead of having to wait for Augur’s finalization process to play out. Veil also posts a public leaderboard that ranks users by total return. Veil launched on the Ethereum mainnet with a handful of curated markets in mid-January 2019. Two months later, Veil began letting users create their own prediction markets. The Veil team ultimately decided to sunset the product in July 2019 to focus on other projects. Veil had no native token. The protocol charges a 1% fee per trade (this is separate from the optional 1% instant-settlement fee). Veil currently isn’t available to United States users.

How to use Veil

Veil's native interface is no longer since it has been shut down by the team. You may still be able to interact with its smart conracts to close positions up until Augur v2 is released

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