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Key Stats

Total Value Locked24H
in USD$177.4K+2.7%
in ETH71 ETH+5.5%
in BTC4.6 BTC+6.0%
ETH Locked12.3 ETH0 ETH
% Supply Locked< 0.01%
Most Locked$hex
Protocol Token$TRADE

Total Value Locked (USD) in UniTrade

  • TVL (USD)
  • ETH
  • DAI
  • All
  • 1 Year
  • 90 Day
  • 30 Day
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⚠️ This protocol is unaudited! ⚠️Use at your own risk and don't deposit more than you're willing to lose.

What is UniTrade?

UniTrade is a cross-chain, decentralized trading platform that automates buy and sell orders. Traders can place both limit and market orders against liquidity pools on popular DEXs such as Uniswap (Ethereum) and Pancakeswap (Binance Smart Chain). Additionally, UniTrade is currently developing its own DEX that will debut late 2021.

How to use UniTrade?

To place a limit or market order, traders simply need to go to Unitrade, connect to a Web3 wallet (such as Metamask), and confirm their desired blockchain (ETH or BSC). Then, using the toolbar on the left, they can search for and select a token, choose to BUY or SELL that token, and then set a specific price to execute that order. After choosing the appropriate gas/processing fee and confirming/submitting the order, users can track all outstanding trades in the UniTrade dashboard (with the ability to cancel at any time).

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