The Token List

The Token List is an accurate directory of authentic tokens on Ethereum. Integrating The Token List into an app gives users confidence that they're interacting with the token they intend to.


🎉100% Forever Free🎉

Implementing The Token List is easy and worry-free with little to no maintenance. The Token List lets your team work smarter, not harder. No more wasting man hours on listing the newest tokens in addition to maintaining the ever-growing list of existing tokens.

Just fetch The Token List's JSON containing all the relevant token information including: token name, contract address, ticker symbol, decimals, etc and associated token icon images. We handle new listings and maintenance for you so you can get back to building what matters.

Download The Token List JSON here.

How to Add a Token

Got an authentic token that's not yet on The Token List? Adding it is simple. Just click the button to purchase a key via Unlock Protocol. Once you've purchased a key, you'll fill out a short application form with your token's details, and then we handle the rest! For bulk token listings, please contact the team directly.

What's the point of The Token List?

On Ethereum, anyone can create a token and call it whatever they want. There's no native mechanism preventing a new token from having the same name, symbol, or even icon as an existing token.

The number of unique tokens on Ethereum is growing, and so is the chance of duplicative token identifiers. Most casual users won't take time to independently confirm the authenticity of every token on every app, even though using the wrong token can be an expensive mistake.

The Token List makes it easy for apps to simplify things for their users. When users see a project is using The Token List, they’ll be confident that the tokens they see are the real deal.

What tokens will be accepted?

Pretty much any token that we can verify as authentic and that users aren't likely to confuse with an already-listed or well-known token is eligible. We want to help improve user experience, not act as gatekeepers, so we'll err on the side of inclusion where possible.

What does it mean to be included on The Token List?

It means the token is authentic and unique enough to not confuse the average user. Inclusion isn't an endorsement of any kind or a statement about the quality/value of the token or associated project. Our review of an application for a new token isn't a qualitative assessment (though we do reserve the right to reject tokens that're obviously scams or intended to mislead). Token descriptions are provided by token submitters/issuers, not by us.