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What is Set Protocol?

Set Protocol is an open protocol on Ethereum that allows for the creation and management of Sets: freely transferable ERC20 tokens that represent groups of underlying assets. Each Set is fully collateralized by its underlying assets, which are held in a vault contract that Set Protocol has no access to (i.e., Sets are non-custodial). Set Protocol was announced in Nov. 2017, and its first user-facing application, TokenSets, launched in Apr. 2019. Each TokenSet holds underlying assets (Dai, ETH, WBTC, + USDC are now supported) in a proportion specified by rules coded into the Set's smart contract. Those rules also specify what conditions will trigger automated rebalancing of the underlying assets. Users can choose among TokenSets that follow various strategies, including trend trading, range-bound, and buy and hold. When a Set's rebalancing conditions are met, rebalancing is proposed. This starts a grace period that lets holders opt out prior to rebalancing. After the grace period, transfer of Sets is paused until the conclusion of a Dutch auction where market participants trade the Sets' underlying collateral until each Set's asset mix is brought back into compliance with its strategic rules (i.e., until each Set is rebalanced). Set Protocol currently charges no fees and has no native token (though each Set exists as an ERC20 token). Set Protocol uses Maker's oracles for on-chain price data and taps into Kyber's liquidity pool to create newly purchased Sets (which users pay for in ETH). Set Protocol has undergone two independent audits, the reports from which Set has made public.

How to use Set Protocol

The best way to get started is by visiting TokenSets, where you can learn about each Set's strategy and performance and buy, sell, and track Sets. To buy a Set (or a fraction of a Set), just make sure you have ETH in your wallet (ETH is used to buy all Sets), log in (with either a phone number or MetaMask), and click "Buy" for your chosen Set.

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