Key Stats

Total Value Locked24H
in USD$2.5M+4.6%
in ETH4.6K ETH+0.2%
in BTC141 BTC+0.8%
ETH Locked1.7K ETH-75 ETH
% Supply Locked< 0.01%
Most Locked$ETH
Protocol Token-

Total Value Locked (USD) in Opyn

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What is Opyn?

Opyn is an open decentralized insurance platform built on Ethereum that allows users to protect themselves from the unique risks they face in DeFi. Opyn is built using Convexity Protocol, a generalizable options protocol that allows DeFi users to create put and call options. Anyone can buy options (oTokens) to protect themselves against DeFi risks. Users can also deposit collateral in a vault to mint and sell oTokens, earning premiums for protecting others. DeFi enthusiasts and projects alike rely on Opyn’s smart contracts and interface to protect themselves and their users from technical risks, like hacks, and financial risks, like crashes in the value of ETH. And, it's non-custodial, requiring no claim assessors or risk assessors, due to its incentive-compatible design. Opyn currently allows users to insure Compound deposits and hedging user's ETH downside with Protective Put Options on ETH. Opyn's smart contracts have been audited by OpenZepplin.

How to use Opyn?

The most popular ways to use Opyn are and Opyn Monitor Dashboard. You can also find the smart contracts and developer documentation here.