Nuo Network

Key Stats

Total Value Locked24H
in USD$2M-3.3%
in ETH8.5K ETH-3.5%
in BTC213 BTC-3.5%
ETH Locked1.2K ETH-33 ETH
% Supply Locked< 0.01%
Most Locked$ETH
Protocol Token-

Total Value Locked (USD) in Nuo Network

  • TVL (USD)
  • ETH
  • BTC
  • DAI
  • All
  • 1 Year
  • 90 Day
  • 30 Day
  • 7 Day
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What is Nuo Network?

Nuo Network is a non-custodial platform on Ethereum that provides a decentralized debt marketplace. Users can lend, borrow, or margin trade any supported cryptoasset (as of March 2020: ETH, DAI, SAI, KNC, ZRX, MKR, REP, BAT, WBTC, USDC, LINK, and TUSD). Lenders can earn interest by adding collateral to pooled debt reserves, which are used to fund loans and leveraged trades. Lenders receive a share of the daily interest paid by borrowers, in proportion to their share of the debt reserve. Borrowers can take loans of up to 70% of their collateral’s value, and traders can borrow up to 3x their collateral’s value for leverage. Interest rates adjust algorithmically based on the level of debt reserves. Since launching on the Ethereum mainnet at the end of January 2019, Nuo has added assets and features, including mobile compatibility and Wyre integration (for converting fiat to Dai or ETH). Nuo’s smart contracts are open source and have undergone an audit by Quantstamp. Nuo uses Kyber and Uniswap to execute trades. Nuo has no native token and charges no fees. The platform covers the majority of users’ gas fees.

How to use Nuo Network

To get started, head to the Nuo Network app and create an account, either with MetaMask or by creating a username and password. You'll get a temporary trading account address that you can make permanent by adding funds within six hours.

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