Key Stats

Total Value Locked24H
in USD$957.9K+5.7%
in ETH5.8K ETH+5.9%
in BTC183 BTC+5.4%
ETH Locked1.6K ETH+63 ETH
% Supply Locked< 0.01%
Most Locked$ETH
Protocol Token$KNC

What is Kyber?

Kyber Network is an on-chain liquidity protocol that lets token holders contribute liquidity (called reserves). The Kyber Network offers multiple types of reserves, each of which exists as a smart contract controlled by whoever deployed it. For example, Kyber Network maintains its own reserve. Kyber doesn’t use order books; when a user initiates a trade, Kyber returns the best price across all reserves. The Kyber Network can be integrated into dApps to enhance user experience. Vendors and wallets can also use the Kyber Network to allow users, customers, and businesses to swap, pay with, or receive their token of choice in a single transaction. Kyber has a native token called KNC, which reserve managers are required to stake and use to pay fees (upon the execution of trades) for the right to operate reserves. The most common way of accessing the Kyber Network is through KyberSwap, a decentralized exchange on Ethereum that uses on-chain matching to instantly swap tokens.

How to use Kyber

The best way to use the Kyber protocol is to head to one of the partner wallets or straight to KyberSwap. Just activate MetaMask, choose your assets, and swap!

Ecosystem Links

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Kyber Historical Stats

DateTVL (USD)TVL ChangeTotal ETH LockedETH Locked 1d
2019-04-18$957.9K$51.8K1.6K ETH63 ETH
2019-04-17$906.2K$38.9K1.5K ETH80 ETH
2019-04-16$867.2K-$80.7K1.4K ETH-65 ETH
2019-04-15$947.9K$58.9K1.5K ETH154 ETH
2019-04-14$889K-$2.3K1.3K ETH-45 ETH
2019-04-13$891.3K-$45.5K1.4K ETH-124 ETH
2019-04-12$936.8K-$44.7K1.5K ETH41 ETH
2019-04-11$981.5K$13.6K1.5K ETH-24 ETH
2019-04-10$967.9K$148.7K1.5K ETH55 ETH
2019-04-09$819.2K-$140K1.4K ETH-567 ETH
2019-04-08$959.2K$35K2K ETH31 ETH
2019-04-07$924.3K$26.8K2K ETH-65 ETH
2019-04-06$897.4K$11.2K2K ETH158 ETH
2019-04-05$886.3K$4.2K1.9K ETH265 ETH
2019-04-04$882.1K-$27.9K1.6K ETH-59 ETH
2019-04-03$910K$95.4K1.7K ETH130 ETH
2019-04-02$814.7K-$6.2K1.5K ETH-256 ETH
2019-04-01$820.9K-$4.1K1.8K ETH40 ETH
2019-03-31$825K$15.5K1.8K ETH37 ETH
2019-03-30$809.5K$46.6K1.7K ETH183 ETH