Key Stats

Total Value Locked24H
in USD$410.6M-1.1%
in ETH191.9K ETH-0.9%
in BTC6.9K BTC-1.5%
ETH Locked102.1K ETH-1.8K ETH
% Supply Locked0.09%
Most Locked$ETH
Protocol Token$ROOK

Total Value Locked (USD) in KeeperDAO

  • TVL (USD)
  • ETH
  • BTC
  • DAI
  • All
  • 1 Year
  • 90 Day
  • 30 Day
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What is KeeperDAO?

KeeperDAO is a game-theory protocol designed to capture the maximum possible on-chain profit, whether it is arbitrage, liquidation, or something else. The Hiding Game is the cooperation between users and keepers (arbitrage bots) to hide MEV (on-chain profit) by wrapping trades/debt in specialized on-chain contracts. It maximizes the profits available from these opportunities by having priority access. The Coordination Game is the incentivized game between keepers where coordination to remove the competitive nature of PGAs. By avoiding competitiveness and taking turns, gas prices remain low and more value can be extracted by the arbitrageurs even after profit sharing with each other. The Incentive Game is to encourage specific user behaviors and active governance. Anyone can participate in this MEV redistribution and capture profit. The liquidity providers deposit assets into KeeperDAO, pooling their assets together to collectively earn profit. Users coordinates their limit orders and borrowing positions through the Hiding Game and will receive the Hiding Game’s $ROOK rewards share based on the profit generated by keepers. Only whitelisted Keepers capture any available arbitrage or liquidation profit and share $ROOK rewards with all participants based on their share percentage. They don’t have to compete with the outside keepers or miners and this will completely remove the gas war.

How to use KeeperDAO?

To become a user, visit the KeeperDAO app and go to trade page and start trading. To become a liquidity provider, also visit the KeeperDAO app and deposit, withdraw, and manage your liquidity. To become a keeper, check out this. To become a partner, check out this.