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% Supply Locked0.07%
Most Locked$WETH
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What is Integral?

Integral is an AMM-based DEX that mirrors liquidity on other top exchanges. In its final form, Integral aims to provide the cheapest liquidity among all centralized and decentralized exchanges. These features are made possible with Integral's Trade Delay Mechanism and Concentrated Liquidity. Trade Delay prevents front-running/cross-exchange arbitrageurs, which are the leading cause of impermanent loss. Concentrated Liquidity can decouple depth information and capital in other exchanges' order book systems to achieve the same depth with much less capital. This feature doesn't only cut trading costs substantially but also gives LPs high APY. Integral sticks true to DeFi principles. It had no pre-sale and is self-funded. The only outside funding is from Gitcoin donations (#1 in GR9 dApp). Its current advisors include Rob Leshner, Tarun Chitra, Framework Ventures, and Polychain Capital.

How to use Integral?

Visit Integral to trade and provide liquidity to the decentralized exchange.

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