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Total Value Locked24H
in USD$95.3M+5.1%
in ETH369.5K ETH+13.5%
in BTC9.9K BTC+10.5%
ETH Locked357K ETH+219 ETH
% Supply Locked0.33%
Most Locked$ETH
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What is InstaDApp?

InstaDApp provides an intuitive interface on top of the MakerDAO protocol that’s optimized for users lacking advanced technical or financial experience. InstaDApp lets users do more than just manage CDPs. The platform - along with its sister site MakerScan - offers extra functionality such as the ability to wipe or add collateral to 3rd-party CDPs, keep track of CDP activity via email or Telegram, and perform various bundled transactions that save gas and enhance user experience. For example, a user with a CDP can draw Dai, buy ETH, and lock that ETH, all with a single transaction. Conceived at ETHIndia in August 2018, InstaDApp launched on the Ethereum mainnet in December 2018 and released its v2 update in April 2019. The platform currently integrates Uniswap and Kyber and lets users manage their Uniswap liquidity pools. The team plans to add tie-ins with other protocols and additional features as it continues toward its goals of becoming a decentralized bank and driving mainstream adoption of DeFi. InstaDApp has no native token and currently charges no fees.

How to use InstaDApp

InstaDApp's dashboard is where you can access all its features. InstaDapp creates a unique smart contract for your wallet address, and you can import existing CDPs.

Ecosystem Links

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