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Total Value Locked24H
in USD$1.4M+2.5%
in ETH8.8K ETH+2.7%
in BTC168 BTC+2.8%
ETH Locked346 ETH0 ETH
% Supply Locked< 0.01%
Most Locked$ETH
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What is Dharma?

Dharma is a peer-to-peer marketplace on Ethereum for non-custodial lending and borrowing of cryptocurrencies built on an extensible open source protocol. In Spring 2019, Dharma launched its revamped debt market, which matches borrowers’ requests with lenders’ offers for fixed-duration, fixed-rate loans denominated in and collateralized by ETH, Dai, or USDC. Lenders can lock collateral for up to 90 days to earn interest at market-set rates. Borrowers can submit loan requests with custom amounts, durations, interest rate, liquidation threshold, and collateral amount and type. Loan requests using Dharma’s default parameters may be matched instantly. And lenders start earning interest immediately upon depositing up to $5K in Dai or USDC in their Dharma account. Borrowers may repay early but will still owe the full amount of interest agreed to at origination. Liquidation occurs if a borrower fails to repay on time or if collateral value falls below the agreed-upon liquidation threshold. Dharma has no native token. The Dharma protocol remains open-source and permissionless for anyone to build third-party DApps on. Dharma’s smart contracts have undergone multiple independent audits.

How to use Dharma

Create an account with your name and email at Dharma’s homepage. Then pick your loan terms and account pin (Dharma Key) to get (or submit) an Ethereum address to send your funds to (or receive them at).

Ecosystem Links

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