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What is dForce?

dForce network is an ecosystem of protocols aiming to be a full stack solution for DeFi. Lendf.Me, an open source money market protocol, and USDx, a meta-stablecoin, are the first two dForce protocols. dForce DF token holders govern its protocols including USDx's selection of constituent stablecoins, lending protocol’s supported assets, interest rate models, transaction fees, etc. Lendf.Me currently supports the following tokens: USDx, USDT, DAI, USDC, PAX, TUSD, WETH, imBTC, HBTC, HUSD, BUSD, and WBTC. Anyone is able to supply assets to Lendf.me and begin earning interest every block. The markets’ Interest rates fluctuate based on the utilization rate of each lending pool. Additionally, you can borrow up to 80% of the value of supplied assets (a collateralization ratio of 125%). Lendf.Me charges a 0.01% origination fee on every loan. Liquidation occurs if/when your collateralization ratio falls below 125%; your collateral is sold to repay your loan plus a liquidation penalty equal to 10% of the value of liquidated assets.

How to use dForce

To try out Lendf.me, check out its native dashboard. From there, you can supply or borrow assets, review your current loans, view interest rates and more market stats.

Ecosystem Links

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