Key Stats

Total Value Locked24H
in USD$45.7M+0.0%
in ETH29.6K ETH+5.1%
in BTC956 BTC+6.1%
USDC Locked23.1M USDC-69.5K USDC
% Supply Locked0.27%
Most Locked$USDC
Protocol Token$DDX

Total Value Locked (USD) in DerivaDEX

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What is DerivaDEX?

DerivaDEX is a community-governed derivatives decentralized exchange that unites performance and autonomy. DerivaDEX features real-time price feed, fast trade resolution, and a competitive fee structure. DDX is the native token of DerivaDEX. DDX is used to govern the project via the DerivaDAO. DDX is also used for fee reductions and for staking opportunities. DerivaDEX was a DAO from Day 1. Traders and token holders control the platform. Users vote on features relating to the exchange.

How to use DerivaDEX?

To start using the DerivaDEX protocol, head over to From there, you will have access to the Insurance Fund, the Governance, and the Exchange pages.