Key Stats

Total Value Locked24H
in USD$32.2M+4.8%
in ETH193.2K ETH+4.8%
in BTC6.2K BTC+4.3%
ETH Locked55.1K ETH+170 ETH
% Supply Locked0.05%
Most Locked$REP
Protocol Token-

What is Compound?

Compound Finance is a money market protocol on Ethereum that lets holders earn interest on supplied assets or borrow assets against collateral. Compound maintains a pool of liquidity anyone can add to. Users can borrow up to 66% of their collateral’s value (150% collateralization). Interest accrues immediately and compounds continuously. Rates adjust automatically based on supply and demand. Users can add or remove funds at any time, but if their debt becomes undercollateralized, anyone can liquidate. Liquidators are incentivized by a 5% discount on liquidated assets. Compound keeps 10-15% of borrowers’ interest; the rest goes to suppliers. Borrowers are charged a 0.025% origination fee. There’s no fee for supplying. Compound has no native token. As of March 2019, Compound supports BAT, Dai, REP, ZRX, and WETH. Compound plans a major upgrade that will add support for all assets and integrate asset governance into the Compound protocol. Compound v2 is undergoing security audits as of March 2019.

How to use Compound

The best place to use Compound is the native Compound app. Just enable any asset to start supplying or borrowing it. You can also check the current interest rates.

Ecosystem Links

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Compound Historical Stats

DateTVL (USD)TVL ChangeTotal ETH LockedETH Locked 1d
2019-04-18$32.2M$1.5M55.1K ETH170 ETH
2019-04-17$30.7M$935.7K54.9K ETH-77 ETH
2019-04-16$29.8M-$1.1M55K ETH-327 ETH
2019-04-15$30.8M$828K55.3K ETH-108 ETH
2019-04-14$30M-$44.9K55.5K ETH1.5K ETH
2019-04-13$30.1M$1.8M53.9K ETH837 ETH
2019-04-12$28.3M-$1.4M53.1K ETH-77 ETH
2019-04-11$29.6M$1.4M53.2K ETH15.2K ETH
2019-04-10$28.2M-$1.9M37.9K ETH-2.3K ETH
2019-04-09$30.1M$290.5K40.2K ETH702 ETH
2019-04-08$29.8M$1.4M39.5K ETH14 ETH
2019-04-07$28.4M$963.9K39.5K ETH-88 ETH
2019-04-06$27.5M$706.7K39.6K ETH-39 ETH
2019-04-05$26.8M-$549.3K39.6K ETH-51 ETH
2019-04-04$27.3M-$364.6K39.7K ETH27 ETH
2019-04-03$27.7M$2.5M39.6K ETH-1.1K ETH
2019-04-02$25.1M$180.8K40.7K ETH-742 ETH
2019-04-01$24.9M-$486.3K41.4K ETH-23 ETH
2019-03-31$25.4M$1.3M41.5K ETH-450 ETH
2019-03-30$24.1M$450.6K41.9K ETH2.1K ETH